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no more slavery ! : Gaby Romero

    Slavery exists in the union but why is that, Me think this is very wrong in every way possible. My people in the south are suffering and not getting what they should get. Their punishments are no good. But if my people get punished shouldn't the southerns who follow this must be punished. No good things are happening for my people. We is people too, we feel, smell, touch, hear and see like any other person who is isnt disabled to do so. I feel like we should be treated equal like any human being. Me people who are free don't wanna be 1/3rd of a white male, they wanna be themselvs. Everything they go thru is horrible. I thank my ma' for raising me and brothr in the North on my dear hom in Trenton, New Jersey. Slavery should be ended for good, and for those innocent people being sold everywhere like an animal. No propert way of living or being treated. We is no animals, we is human with a lot of potential and diversity. But no different, I am capable of the same things you do. I am powerful like yoou can be, I am not plain like you i have color in my skin and a story that is way more than you imagine.


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Aaron Spicker 1864 Blog : Word Mosaic

1864 blog-poem // Gaby Romero

Working for everyone,
just to get rejected.
feeling like im nothin,
i dont get respected.
My color, my story, has everyon disgusted.
I need your help so I can abolist all of this.
I need to learn  drills
i dont wann be taking pills,
Working to get killed.
discriminating me like you know me.
I want to be equal,
i need a pay to take care of my family,
sorry to inform you but you owe.
making me do the dirty work,
 haven't you heard heard I am no slave no more.
Emancipation Proclamation
without any good intention
Im doing even worse,
i dont get a chance,
to ride a horse.
I am capable of so much more,
You know it, I know It.
I'm For your jealousy,
But we both have to work in infantry.
not telling me what the strategy.
destroying your own army
because of your pride.
Dont worry i dont need to learn from you,
i can get my own ride,
causing a better blockade on
me than on the actual war,
 dont worry I wont say a word.
I need food,
i know i am no white but i am no fool,
i see what you ar…

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Sisser, Ive joind a Unyun regement. It go by the name Raylroad to Gloree, and am glad that the Union could use my help as a fellr soldier. Evry day doin drills and fightin for our freedom I think of momma and pop pop in hevan and miss y'all deerly. The battel of Bull Run sur was terrefying and I dun yet now how ma'ny caseeltees we hav yet all I know is I was scared fer my life. Luck'ly I wasn't to hurt and soon I may b deployed to a Border State fer my next mission. But I sure am scared bout bein sent to the south becuse I may not bee a fre man.  Tell Father Alfred to keep me in'is prayers  because Im prayin to God and I thenk he's watchin ovr me and keepn me saef. and I onlee hope I can help my countree and finlly be a free man af'er this is ovr. Also I've been runin low on cloths and supplys becaus my group is ful of incoptenet fellers who can't rashin and was wondrin if maybe we culd sav up and yu could send som extra clothes from the factry to …