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1863 Blog post// Gaby Romero

January 12, 1863

We african americans have come a long way to be treated even a little bit more equal to whites. I will not be a slave i would like to be called human or person. Some days ago The sir Abraham Lincoln called The Emancipation Proclamation where it would give me and all my people to have the right to fight for the union. Only 11 days ago it was a right and 7 days ago they would like me to join their army. I was very honor to do so even though i'm a recruit with no experience. But to i doesn't matter i will fight for my people to be free and have the rights or more right than me. I’ve learn so much the days me been here. I've learn drills, strategies, tactics and more things. I am trying to look for my friend who left me and year ago i'm not so sure were he at. An abolishment would be better and would stop the misstreatin of poor people. I will fight until the Confederacy gets destroyed. I will pray everything goes right,. My life is in danger and i have so much to do still. My mother and brothr life are depending on me and I'm the one taking care of them. I pray for everything to go correctly &’ nothing bad happen.


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Sisser, Ive joind a Unyun regement. It go by the name Raylroad to Gloree, and am glad that the Union could use my help as a fellr soldier. Evry day doin drills and fightin for our freedom I think of momma and pop pop in hevan and miss y'all deerly. The battel of Bull Run sur was terrefying and I dun yet now how ma'ny caseeltees we hav yet all I know is I was scared fer my life. Luck'ly I wasn't to hurt and soon I may b deployed to a Border State fer my next mission. But I sure am scared bout bein sent to the south becuse I may not bee a fre man.  Tell Father Alfred to keep me in'is prayers  because Im prayin to God and I thenk he's watchin ovr me and keepn me saef. and I onlee hope I can help my countree and finlly be a free man af'er this is ovr. Also I've been runin low on cloths and supplys becaus my group is ful of incoptenet fellers who can't rashin and was wondrin if maybe we culd sav up and yu could send som extra clothes from the factry to …

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Dear Amy, 
Sisser Ive miss'd you so much while Iv ben away, me n' my regeemnt hav fin'lly been allowed to fite in the war! That man Abrahm Lincon did the rite thing, issuin that Emancepatun Proclomachon ill show em and all them rebels that us color'd folk can fiyt in the Civel War. We sure did show them at the battel o' Getteesburg . gess wat, I'm actually being payed for this, could tis git any better. When I finlly get back home maybe we can make sum good ol' Railroad cake with Father Alfred like we used to have with mamma and big poppa. Anything beats our hardtack, salt pork,  and any other rations we had bak at camp.
Railroad Cake Recipe : 
3 eggs  1/2 cup buttr  1 cup o' suger  1 cup flower  3 tablespoons milk 1 tablespoon of creem tarter  and 1/2 a teaspoon of soda