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1864 blogs// Naz Nabavi

Deer  Diery, Recently was the Sherman’s March to the see. We had alot of challenges such as some men did not show any dedicashon. And our men were spred thin. There iz also some other bad news, there were 65,000 casualties in 7 weeks. Alot of our men died. I feel as though the march is necessary because it’s the only way for the south to be under the North’s control and taking the city of Atlanta which is one of the few manufactoring citys in the South, which is crucial to the north. Stuff are going great according to mr. lincons plans. Us blacks are getting treated differently and respected more thanks to lincoln, or as us black soldiers call him, white man hero lincon. I’m super glad he did what was right for my kind. Last week, one of my soldier friends went home to visit his sick mother, and i asked him a huge favor which was to visit my wife to see what she was up to. I know that wasn’t right and all but he accepted. He’ll be home soon and i’ll know what my wife is up to. I miss …

1863 blog Katy Murphy

Battle Of Gettysburg

Naz Nabavi 1863 blog due

Deer Diery,         Me and my soldier friends figured out what Lincoln was doing. After the winning for the battle of Antietam, Lincoln made the emancipashon proclomashon. This meens I can fight, well not just me, all negroes! I'm exited to be in war and maybe since us negroes are joining, we will be able to win. I can't believe out of anyone in owr contry that cood have fixed the problem, it was a wite guy. Us slaves are officially free, I still can't believe it! We just found out in the beginning of the year and I still can't believe it! I thought about visiting my wife now that I am free but it's not worth it. I mean, I haven't seen her in yeers, so I guess it would be better to see my wife later if forget about her. If things keep going in this direcshon ,negros will be stronger than ever!
Sincerely, Ellis Wilson (Naz)

1863 Blog post// Gaby Romero

January 12, 1863

We african americans have come a long way to be treated even a little bit more equal to whites. I will not be a slave i would like to be called human or person. Some days ago The sir Abraham Lincoln called The Emancipation Proclamation where it would give me and all my people to have the right to fight for the union. Only 11 days ago it was a right and 7 days ago they would like me to join their army. I was very honor to do so even though i'm a recruit with no experience. But to i doesn't matter i will fight for my people to be free and have the rights or more right than me. I’ve learn so much the days me been here. I've learn drills, strategies, tactics and more things. I am trying to look for my friend who left me and year ago i'm not so sure were he at. An abolishment would be better and would stop the misstreatin of poor people. I will fight until the Confederacy gets destroyed. I will pray everything goes right,. My life is in danger and i have so …

1863 Blog Recipe: Aaron Spicker

Dear Amy, 
Sisser Ive miss'd you so much while Iv ben away, me n' my regeemnt hav fin'lly been allowed to fite in the war! That man Abrahm Lincon did the rite thing, issuin that Emancepatun Proclomachon ill show em and all them rebels that us color'd folk can fiyt in the Civel War. We sure did show them at the battel o' Getteesburg . gess wat, I'm actually being payed for this, could tis git any better. When I finlly get back home maybe we can make sum good ol' Railroad cake with Father Alfred like we used to have with mamma and big poppa. Anything beats our hardtack, salt pork,  and any other rations we had bak at camp.
Railroad Cake Recipe : 
3 eggs  1/2 cup buttr  1 cup o' suger  1 cup flower  3 tablespoons milk 1 tablespoon of creem tarter  and 1/2 a teaspoon of soda 

1862 blogs Katy Murphy

Homemade Ketchup

4 quarts crushed tomatoes

1 pint of vinegar

3 tablespoons salt

2 tablespoons mustard

2 tablespoons black pepper

3 crushed red peppers

½ ounce allspice

½ ounce mace

Mix all ingredients in a large pot and reduce by two-thirds. Serve with fried catfish.
This is my favorite thing in the war with fried cafisj and hardtack and it's every Sunday night diner after getting too relax all day and not do drill so you can atuctaly savor. i enjoy tis aslo becuage i awalys had this at home with my duater kori, and olivia once a week. i can't wait four Lucas my first baby boy that my wife just had. this week has been amazing and i remember my haversack to take some fried pcatfisj. I'm also in training with a bunch of recruits and I found out I could finally fight when I had this meal so this meal is the most iportant and special to me.

1862 recipe- Gaby Romero

Dear Mom,  
My dear friend Bobby has decided to give meh his very gewd recipe of Beef Jerky. His very beautiful mother showed him this recipe which has become mine. His mother passed away a few months ago and his way of remembering her is one of the best ways. I've become such a good friend all the waay for him to givng me the recipe. Bobby has decided to join this horrific war. He said that he wanted this recipe to go on and on and gave it to me knowing i love the beefy taste of it. I've never tasted anything way better than this. I will continue sharing this amazing tasteful and maybe even join him if Mr. President decides we black people can join and are capable of doing things white people do.
I will miss my white friend, Bobby.
Edward Dunn

Here is the recipe:

1/2 pounds skirt steak (in 1/8-inch slices)1/2 cup soy sauce1/2 Worcestershire sauce2 teaspoons salt 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 1/2 onion powder1/2 garlic powder 1/2 chili flakes  Mix soy sauce, Worcestersh…

Naz Nabavi Week 1862

Dear Diery, I was not able to go see my wif. Apparently i was not redy to leve becuase my work was apparently much needed. I tryed to run away to see my wife but some one saw me and so i was  forcd to sit in the dirt and bring my nees up to my chest wile my hands were brot  around to the front were they were tied to my shins. Then they took a stick and shoved it over my  arms but under my knees and  then they gaged me, and left me their for owrs. The guy said if i ever try any thing like that again, i wood be punished really badle. I guess i will never see my wif agan.i think it was relly worth it becuse i was able to see have hope about seing  my wife one last time in my hed and imagine us being together.  I herd this weekend was the batle of antietam. I am not really sure what happened altho we just claimed victory, well we did not, the whites did. But theres also rumers going around saying no one really no one won. I also herd lincoln is working on some sort of project because of t…

1862 Blog Trading Cards : Aaron Spicker

1861 blog poem : Katy Murphy

37 thousand volunteers march until they get to the railroad cut it half so one can go in or out
The confederate make a 8 mile line at bull run creek
The union tho it was done so they stopped fighting and picked up souvenirs
Jackson holds the line strong as a stone wall why did I use stone wall because that's now his nickname because the union tries to push forward mbut the line won't budge
Beauregard order a counter attack
But the confederate reniforment arrive quickly on horseback and train and the north fall apart
The retreat became a route for both soldiers and the crazy people who came just to watch the war for fun?
The north had 2,896 causalty
The south had 1,982 causalty
Everyone lerned this wouldn't be a 90 days war
What are you talking about this is going to be a long war
We need to work on owr military
We didn't siyn up for longer than 90 days
This is the battle of bullrun

General Blackburn (Katy)

no more slavery ! : Gaby Romero

Slavery exists in the union but why is that, Me think this is very wrong in every way possible. My people in the south are suffering and not getting what they should get. Their punishments are no good. But if my people get punished shouldn't the southerns who follow this must be punished. No good things are happening for my people. We is people too, we feel, smell, touch, hear and see like any other person who is isnt disabled to do so. I feel like we should be treated equal like any human being. Me people who are free don't wanna be 1/3rd of a white male, they wanna be themselvs. Everything they go thru is horrible. I thank my ma' for raising me and brothr in the North on my dear hom in Trenton, New Jersey. Slavery should be ended for good, and for those innocent people being sold everywhere like an animal. No propert way of living or being treated. We is no animals, we is human with a lot of potential and diversity. But no different, I am capable of the same things y…

Quizlet Vocab Flashcards : Aaron Spicker

Dear Diary : Naz Nabavi

Deer Diery, To day i heard was the batle of bul run. There were 2,096 kills and injures. The south was completely defeeted. If us blacks were there we cood hav won the batle. Us blacks are tuf and we could have stood and fight those bad sotheners. Those wites just ran away like little crybabes. I wish we blacks cood fight it wood have relly helped. I wish we had the same rights as those wites. If us were there we cood have helped and 2,096 peeple woudnt have died. My wife sent me a letter saying my father died. I miss him like crazy. I don’t now wat to do because his funeral is next week and i cant go because of me being needed for owr contry. I never got to even say goodbye to my father. My wife is upset i never sent anything after she sent me the leter saying my father died. Shes depressed, alone, working, and missing me. I need to see her and find a way out.

Sinserely, Ellis Wilson 1861

If i die i want you to know..

Dead Mom and brothr;

I am over here trying to work as hard as possible. Im sometimes tuckered out but I am  no deadbeat, Ma I would like for you to know I am doing this for you an d my dear brothr Joseph. I now you is worried 'bout me be know me is good. i would like you to keep in mind that I am very thankful for the 30 years of life you given me here up in my dear Trenton, New Jersey. Brothr and I's education is average but it enough for us. I have to fight for the good people who supported us and took us in, I couldn't bellyache about anything you've given me. I wish i could be at home very much comfortable but what our people are going thru in the south is very much not hunckey dorey. Me hanker that this will end hopefully soon. kep Joseph from trouble and shanks mare. tha child is still a young men with a 16 age and needa be helping ma 40 age. I miss you ma a lot, and if anything happens i would like for you to be as strong as you always been. I will be watchin…
Dear Diery,   my name is ellis wilson. i am 25. i am a private from  providince rode iland and i am marred to kathryn wilson. kathryn is a housemaid for a welthy family. my wife is scared of wat wil hapen if slavry ends altho she thinks it is rong. i hate slavry as much as my wife. my mother is a slav is gergia but she wil be free one day. she wil escape to the north thro the undergrond railroad. traning is tof and i mis my wife. if only i coud see her face one more time.  evry time i go to sleep i think about her and i miss her sweet soft smil.we got in a big fight because she did not want me to leave her she thinks i do not love her anymore but evry day i miss her with all my sole. evry day we get up we must stand and greet our regiment leeder and start owr work. since im a private i get payed 11-13 dolars a month. they told me that was alot so i beleved them. I just started camp of instructon where they will teach me the easy stuf. they gave me a uniform that had a wool cowt wool …

Enlistment Blog

Sisser, Ive joind a Unyun regement. It go by the name Raylroad to Gloree, and am glad that the Union could use my help as a fellr soldier. Evry day doin drills and fightin for our freedom I think of momma and pop pop in hevan and miss y'all deerly. The battel of Bull Run sur was terrefying and I dun yet now how ma'ny caseeltees we hav yet all I know is I was scared fer my life. Luck'ly I wasn't to hurt and soon I may b deployed to a Border State fer my next mission. But I sure am scared bout bein sent to the south becuse I may not bee a fre man.  Tell Father Alfred to keep me in'is prayers  because Im prayin to God and I thenk he's watchin ovr me and keepn me saef. and I onlee hope I can help my countree and finlly be a free man af'er this is ovr. Also I've been runin low on cloths and supplys becaus my group is ful of incoptenet fellers who can't rashin and was wondrin if maybe we culd sav up and yu could send som extra clothes from the factry to …
Hi im john blackburn and i have 2 beiatuful little girls named olivia and kori and wifi named mary whose prgenat with our first boy named luke. i was a former slave and a poor edicatuon and i escaped now im working as a day worker and do anytihng for money. i escaped nd now speak as a abolitionist twoards my life about slavery to gain money. my little girls mean everghtng to me nd so excited to see them in some weeks and i cant wait to teach my little boy about artillery. We have gotten up every day at danw and leaned about shotting and drills such as quickly getting bullets from a cartridge box and loading into a gun but i miss my family and were learnign to be still on horseback to fight as calvary and working as a team. i cant wait to go back home and have home made food and playing cards and having some beer.